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Innovative Designs Empowerment (RDI)
برنامج تمكين التصميمات المبدعة


​This program is empowering the local design of electronics systems/products & IC Chip design (ASIC) by funding the research, development & innovation projects to design local competitive electronics products/systems/IC chip or electronics components/parts (industrial electronics) which may be used in other industries such as home appliances, automotive, renewable energies, …etc.

This Innovative Designs program is aiming to create our own electronics products or devices through the ownership of local IP design the as well as maximizing the local added value targeting local manufacturing of promising electronics products. In addition, this program leverages the collaboration between local industries, R&D and academia.

The Innovation design projects take the product through whole research & development life cycle starting from the prove of concept, prototyping phases till becoming a complete product ready to hit the market & mass production.

Note: the promising electronics products are listed herein; (Mobile devices, LED lighting, Solar Energy systems, Smart Meters, LED Displays, Industrial Electronics)

General Terms & Criteria

  • Organization registered at Electronics Industry database
  • Local design house or enterprise R&D center for electronics systems / products / devices design or component IC chip (ASIC) design.
  • Electronics research labs, Research institutes & Universities
  • Consortium from local manufacturer, local design house and Research institute / University to develop local electronics design produced at the       manufacturer facilities.
  • The importance of the proposed project & its impact on reinforcement of the local added value of the Egyptian product.
  • Competitiveness or Innovety of the design idea.
  • Forecast of export volume of the output design.
  • Priority of Local manufacturing of the innovation system/product design.
  • The beneficiary should provide accredited & authenticated documents & invoices of the facilities, salaries, trips & related activities after each milestone completion to get the instalment amount of the next milestone.
  • In case of any violation of program terms & rules or uncertainty of submitted information or documents, the fund will be canceled immediately & the beneficiary will be obliged to return any collected amount from the allocated fund.​

Funding Mechanism

  • The RDI program funds the selected project of local competitive design through the following financing model:


Project CategoryFund PercentageMax. Fund Amount (EGP)Duration
R&D&I Project80%5 millions18 months


    • Direct Funding of 80% of the total cost of local design with maximum amount 5M EGP
    • The program funds the projects on milestone by milestone installment basis within maximum duration 18 months (extension is allowed for max. 6 months against official approval from the evaluation committee & program management)
  • The RDI budget covers all expenses of research & development life cycle; including human resources salaries, development kits, measurement tools, electronics components, prototypes cost, trips for technology transfer, marketing expenses,…etc.
  • At least 20% of the funding amount will be paid after project completion successfully. 

Submission time line of round (1-2016/2017):

    • Program Start: 27 November 2016
    • Session for questions and inquiries: 14, 26 December 2016
    • Start proposal submission:  1 March 2017
    • Close Proposal submission: 30 March 2017

Submission steps:

1.     The applicant shall review and download the guides and templates of ITAC-PDP Program at ITIDA website.

2.     Fill in all needed data and avail all needed documents.

3.     Append filled Templates and all needed documents in one zip file.

4.     Login using your enterprise account information (if you do not have an account, Please Register ).

5.     Upload the zip file.

6.     Print and keep the successful upload message.

7.    Follow all other instructions given in the Template to deliver hardcopies if required.

8.     The evaluation committee reviews & evaluates the proposed project, then, the applicant receives the consolidated review comments & one of the following decisions:

    • Accept: the applicant is requested to make minor/no revisions, also, announces the result in the platform.
    • Reject:
      1. Reject (the proposal idea is not acceptable based on the weaknesses or the applicant is ineligible).
      2. Reject (resubmit in a future round after addressing the weaknesses)

9.    The project beneficiaries will sign a contract with ITIDA preceding the project funding.

From: 01/03/2017 To: 01/09/2018