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Innovative Designs Empowerment Program
برنامج دعم التصميمات المبدعة


​Fund Research, Development, and Innovation projects to design electronic products and components that add competitiveness to the electronics industry, and projects for the development and design of electronic parts and components utilized for electrical appliances, the automotive industry, and others.

Collaborative Funded Projects, one of ITAC's programs that move a product concept out of the ideas shed, through the proof-of-concept and prototyping stages until it turns into a complete product ready to hit the market.​

​​Product Development Project (PDP) is a funded program by Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) that targets electronics products ready for mass-production (i.e TRL 9 on NASA scale). The funding of PDPs is up to EGP 2,500,000 (a partial reimbursement).

Opening and closing points of each project can be defined as follows:

- Proof-of-concept is the solid work published by the applicants in a journal. a patent owned by the applicants, or promising preliminary results of the proposed research or methodology.

- Prototype of final product should satisfy all specifications of a commercial product and should be ready to bring to the market by the end of PDP period.

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Submission timeline:

​Submission deadline is October 31, 2019 at 3:00 PM.

Submission steps:

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Currnet round submission end date: 31/10/2019

From: 01/09/2019 To: 31/10/2019