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Industry 4.0 Implementation Program
برنامج تطوير الصناعة مع تقنيات الجيل الصناعي الرابع


Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) through its "Egypt Makes ​Electronics (EME)" Initiative (ITIDA-EME) is aiming to establish a competence center for fourth generation of Industry technology (Industry 4.0) in collaboration with world-class Industry 4.0 service provider.  

Phase-1 of Industry 4.0 implementation targets providing IT and technology training, assessment, and consulting services for Industry 4.0. The target is to support selected domestic manufacturers of consumer electronics and home appliances plan their Industry 4.0 journey and implement small quick-win engagements.

It is required from interested providers to propose their offers to fulfil the following scope of services.​

  • Build capacity and transfer knowledge via workshops and seminars
  • Assess Industry 4.0 adaptation in local manufacturing and concrete use cases
  • Develop and test need-based solutions
  • Conduct research & development and provide consultation on showcases and scenarios
  • Conduct recent related technologies topics such as AI, big data analytics ​

Phase-1 Activities:

ITIDA-EME will identify up to five domestic manufacturers of consumer electronics and home appliances. The five manufacturers will receive group-training services.

And each will receive separate assessment and consultation services. Specifically the services to be delivered include:

§ Training services to build Industry 4.0 capacity and transfer knowledge. Training should cover:

  • Technology, security, and digitization strategy knowledge.
  • Technology management.
  • RoI evaluation of Industry 4.0 implementation projects.

§ Assessment services to understand the current maturity level of the production value streams of each manufacturer with respect to leveraging Industry 4.0 applications. Assessment should cover:

  • Identification and analysis of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Derivation and definition of Industry 4.0 strategy and roadmap containing gap-closing measures and initiatives based on the current maturity level assessment and future business objectives.
  • Clear demonstration of adoption potentials and identification of specific course of actions.
  • Identification and planning of impactful quick-win Industry 4.0 implementation project involving concrete use case.

§ Consultation services to help implement the selected Industry 4.0 use case to realize quick wins. Consultation should cover:

  • Rol evaluation of implemented use case.
  • Lessons learned and guidelines to create common understanding of the advantages.
  • Recommendations for next actions​
Service scope is depicted in the following figure.

Phase 1.png